Friday, September 30, 2005

Title: Alberta-It's People in History

Reference: Lethbridge: History of A Prairie Community. (1996). Natives. Retrieved October 2, 2005, from <>.

Grade Level: 4

Subject: Social Studies

Description of Activity:

This activity could be for the Introduction of this new topic. For this activity, the students will individually access and read the online article, “Natives”, provided by the Galt Museum. Or they can choose to find the information from books the teacher librarian found for them. Either way, they will be answering two “Questions of Inquiry” from the Program of Studies: “What was the Native people’s way of life before the coming of the Europeans?” and “How did the Europeans influence the Native people’s way of life? (What changes happened to the Blackfoot after the Europeans came?). The questions would be the headings on their worksheet along with sub-headings underneath such as: Under the first question; traditional food, traditional clothing, traditional work, traditional land, traditional health, etc. and Under the second question; disease, alcohol, food, work, land, etc. ” As they read through the article or books and answer the questions as best they can (in point form) they will also record any questions they might be wondering about that there was not an answer too. Then they will get into pairs and share their information, writing anything they missed and decide on something else they would like to know about the topic (write it down).The class will then come back together and one person from each pair will share an aspect of traditional Blackfoot life and how it was changed after the Europeans and the other person in the pair will share one thing they would both like to know about the Blackfoot’s way of life before or after the coming of the Europeans. The worksheets would then be collected and the teacher could then use them as a resource to make a susequent worksheet with the unanswered questions, for the next day. The students could then do their own internet or library search to find those answers.

GLO's: Students will demonstrate an understanding that contact between the Natives, fur traders and the settlers in Alberta's history brought changes to their lifestyles. The focus for this activity will be on Native lifestyles before and after European influence.

SLO's: Students will be able to:
~gather information by identifying the sequence of events
~organize information by classifying facts and events under main headings
~participate cooperatively in group work by helping to make the rules, divide up tasks and evaluate group's performance

ICT Outcomes:
C1(2.1): access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from given uniform resource locations (URLs).
C4(1.2): formulate new questions as research progresses
C5(1.1): share information collected from electronic sources to add to a group task

Integration Rationale:
Accessing and retrieving information from a provided website gives the student who likes computers more motivation to complete the assignment. Those who prefer using books could do that as well. Finding information in both these ways, and then collaborating their answers, helps the students to realize the Internet and books sometimes provide information that the other does not. Using both these sources may present a more well rounded view of the topic. For the teacher they can guide and monitor the use of the Internet by choosing an appropriate site for them to go to- the next day when they do their own search they will have a sense of the direction they need to go (what type of words to search for, etc.)


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