Sunday, September 25, 2005

What is Technology Integration?
Integrating technology means using technology as a tool for teaching not as something separate. Integrating technology in this way enhances student learning. Technology integration must be carefully guided and structured so students do not end up just "playing around" with it.
Good Technology integration will help address different learning styles. Also, good technology integration is when students' own interests drive the learning process. They will work longer and harder and become more engaged in their learning. Some examples of good technology integration are: Use the computer as a station or learning center having kids rotate through the room doing many activities - the computer is just one part of it, have students do group or pair projects and activities on computers, use blogging to do book review's, discussions, etc., have students use search engines for research projects, and have students use simple drawing programs like Windows Paint to draw pictures related to the unit you're studying. Spreadsheets could be used for students to chronologically order events from the historical period being studied. Two other ways would be to have children type their stories up or to do presentations using Power Point. There are many, many ways to use technology in the classroom. Even with as much as I know now (not much) I am certain there are numerous ways to inegrate technology in EVERY subject. The effectiveness of it depends on exactly HOW it is implemented. The grade level and technological experience of the children must be taken into consideration before the decision of what is going to be integrated is made.
Bad technology integration would be: only using one type of technology, not explaining the purpose of using it, letting children just "surf the net" with no guidelines, using technology that is too difficult for the grade level (or way too easy), and leaving technology in its own separate period of the day. Many other ways of bad technology inegration could be mentioned but it is basically viewing technology as a separate subject and not having a purpose as to why it is being used.
Barriers to technology integration in the classroom: Cost would be a barrier. Technology is expensive. Having technology in the classroom is partly the teachers decision, so if the teacher does not want it there, it won't be. Time is a barrier because teacher's may not take time to teach the children how to use it or have the time to plan how to integrate it and learn about the technology themselves. It seems the biggest barrier would have to be the teacher. If they are not willing to integrate it and be excited about it, it will not be there for the children.


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You have raised some good points with respect to good and bad integration of technology. You used some really great examples of good uses (and even identified a few ways to overcome some barriers in doing so).

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